sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008


Mais de dois anos atrás comecei um blog no WordPress.

Chamava-se "Just to Type It", e eu pretendia escrever um pouco de inglês a cada dia, para treinar.

O segundo post chamava "Kittens I", onde eu falava de gatinhos. Ei-lo:

Kittens are small, furry animals that usually live in the dark streets. They appear to you at night, meouwing like the little poor beasts they are, and you get so touched by these cute creatures, that in the end they go to live in your house to grow up to fat cats. Before that, though, they can be put in the palm of your hand. Their fur is soft like a baby's hair, and you can, then, imagine why some people pay a lot to get their hands (or shoulders, or armpits, I really don't want to know where) in dead corpses' fur.

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